The world’s first and only sparking wine made from 100% fresh Spanish Andalusian oranges.

BurNarj - natural orange sparkling wine made exclusively in Spain's Guadalquivir Valley from 100% fresh Andalusian oranges. BurNarj is produced using a patented process similar to methode champenoise as fine French champagne.

Contains natural Vitamin C with anti-oxidants and has over 11 lbs (5kg) of Spanish Andalusian oranges in each bottle and less than 67 calories per serving (BurNarj Brut Nature only 62 calories per serving).

BurNarj is a product that provides intense experience by stimulating the senses of taste and smell, not to mention the sensations, the pleasure of discovering unknown, new dimension of world - renowned oranges.

Our wine is an ideal response to the expectations of those seeking novelty and in addition allows discover new sensations, aromas and flavors of real Andalusian oranges hidden in each bottle also as excellent alternative for people who are looking for new and unique taste sensations. It should be noted that this new application of oranges in the sparkling wine is completely unknown to the palate. BurNarj method of production ensures the wine you hold in your hand was created in that very same bottle - which means each and every bottle is unique. 

In conclusion those are some of the properties of BurNarj: 

- The only combination in the world of natural oranges in sparkling wine produced using patented method similar to traditional method used for champagne production.

- Innovative and unrivaled.

- Natural, low calories charming orange bubbles.

- BurNarj Brut Nature is produced without sugar, a great innovation beloved by connoisseurs. Ideal for people who count calories or people who do not use sugar, it has 62 calories per 100 ml.

- Oranges source of sparkling wine are healthy and adored.

- Is versatile, great as an aperitif, BurNarj will be the perfect as a composition for most meals (perfect with fish, sea food, sushi, oriental food etc.) and desserts, is a great companion for celebrations and parties.

- It is manufactured without chemicals, without artificial carbonation, without artificial colors and flavors, even without the addition of water, with 100% natural oranges.

-Moderate drinking does not cause hangover or discomfort.

Recently, health and well-being is an important element in the decision to buy alcoholic beverages. Especially in the segment of food and beverages, innovative, but also authentic, and often richer in healthy and natural products are looked for.

The use of natural materials for production - in this case, natural orange fruit (harvested in Andalusia when the sugar in the fruit is high and the acidity its low ) own patented production method, without additional chemicals, without artificial carbonation, without dyes or additional flavors and even without adding water, creates a new dimension of quality and health.

BurNarj recognized as a breakthrough sparkling wine. "...poised to grow fastest in its category - globally."
"Orange is the new grape" - Glass of Bubbly 2017.